Have you been contacted by an Heir Hunter?

Wed 29th Oct 2014

Genuine heir hunters provide expertise and assistance to heir to smooth the process of claiming an unclaimed estate. Heirs must be cautious however as there are are many inexperienced, unprofessional or rogue traders or those simply charging excessive fees for their work.

We offer a free no-obligation assessment of your case and can advise on inheritance and probate issues in a helpful, stress free manner. Call us free on 0800 085 8796 or use our contact form.

Are you an heir?

Wed 29th Oct 2014

The Treasury requires that all reasonable enquiries are made when submitting a claim to an estate. This can often mean considerable amounts of research and tracing other possible heirs. Many people either do not have the time, expertise or money to be able to do this or may find that they've been contacted by an heir hunter asking for an unreasonable fee.

We offer free advise on your particular situation so if you are worried or simply do not know what to do next then please do not hesitate to contact us.

Do you know of an unclaimed estate?

Wed 29th Oct 2014

Unclaimed estates often take time to be referred to the Treasury Solicitor. If you know of a potential unclaimed estate (and abandoned property, a dormant account) we can help reunite it with the rightful owner or heir.

Please feel free to contact us in confidence to refer any potential cases.